Crafty Party Posse 


Health & Safety

  • Rest assured that the children's health & safety is paramount in all I do!
  • Police check and child safety screening programs checks are in place, along with comprehensive public liability insurance
  • Just a gentle reminder - although we are all there to have fun, YOUR children are YOUR responsibility. Obviously, I shall provide the fun & entertainment, but parents & carers need to be 'on-hand' and present throughout the party.
  • All allergies, medical requirements or other similar conditions of the party children – which may affect the party in any way, must be reported to us prior to the party date.

Crafty party posse - policies and procedures

  • Bookings can not be comfirmed without prior phone call and contact number, NO email confirmations taken.
  • Our entertainer will phone or text you no later than one or two days before your party, just to finalise numbers and/or any other details.
  • When discussing your booking, I will need to know the approximate age, gender and  total amount of guests, along with the name &  location of your venue.
  • A small deposit (usually €40) will be required to secure your party . (Deposit is non-refundable but may be applied for another date, from 6 months of cancelation, if date is available.)  Deposits can be paid by  paypal link on payment page  the outstanding balance payable in cash on the day or by cheque if agreed prior to party date. 
    Late payment or failure to pay will incure a Payment of 5% of outstanding balance per day for each day of payment  not received.
  •  If the party function room is difficult to access and/or there is no parking in the vicinity and the entertainer has a lot of equipment to set up, Crafty party posse reserves the  right to curtail the entertainers performance by up to 10 minutes for a 90 minute show and up to 20 minutes for shows of 2 hours or more. The client will be advised in advance where possible.
  • We endevour to get to your party at exact time arranged. However and despite allowing for possible delays, we cannot accept responsibility for circumstances beyond our control e.g. extreme weather conditions, accidents, unexpected traffic delays, plagues of locusts, vehicle breakdown, alien invasion, volcanoes, meteor impacts, Mayan or any other end of world prediction etc. We will contact you enroute and advise.
  • We love to do our shows outdoors, but we are weather dependant and wind is the enemy of magic props and sometimes puppet shows. You should also take care if it’s a sunny hot day, we will remind the party organiser that we will should stay indoors should the party organiser have not arranged sun block for all the children.
  • If you have additional entertainment, such as bouncy castles, please arrange a temporary halt for the duration of the Magic show, this will ensure that all the children will enjoy the show.
  • It is important that the entertainer / DJ is able to park their car adjacent to the party venue, as they will have equipment to bring in. It is also important that no one blocks in the entertainer after the party. Either incident could involve a shorter performance time.
  • If the client is responsible for any delays to the agreed start time or at anytime during the party we reserve the right to curtail the performance duration, as any delay may make us late for our next scheduled party.

Crafty Party Posse is covered with Public Liability Insurance

Payment is by cash on the day, unless otherwise agreed beforehand.



Travel Charge may apply outside CATCHMENT AREA. Fuel, Parking & Toll charges are applied to some areas .

It is important that the entertainer is able to park their car / van adjacent to the party venue. It is also important that no one blocks in the entertainer after the party! If the room or venue is difficult to access and we have not been informed about this before the party we may need to shorten the entertainment so we are not late for our next booking.f your area has pay parking please inform us before the party as this will be added onto your party fee. 


Toll charges will be incured in some areas. Travel charges apply for parties over a 30 min drive from our base, This is to cover fuel & time involved ,

Painters Disclaimer:

Allergies/Sensitive Skin: The face paints used are hypo-allergenic to minimize the chance of reaction. If concern remains over product sensitivity, please request a Skin Patch Test PRIOR to painting.  A small patch test can be done 20 minutes to 1 hour before the face is painted to be sure of no irritation. Should a reaction occur we will be unable to paint the person affected.  Crafty party posse will not be held liable for possible allergic reactions.

We reserve the right to refuse to paint a person where it is judged inappropriate due to age or behavior.   If a person cannot keep still enough to have their face painted safely, an alternative area may be painted if suitable. We will NOT under any circumstances paint a person who clearly does not wish to be painted, shows confusion, distress, anxiety, or who is asleep.

We reserve the right to refuse to paint areas on individuals that show symptoms of Medical Conditions, including, but not limited to; cold sores, open wounds/broken skin, heavy cold with runny nose, conjunctivitis, severe acne, or infectious skin diseases.  All persons wishing to be painted must be presented with a clean, dry face.


*It takes at least 1 hour for most face painters to complete aprox 12/15 faces
Please keep this in mind when booking.

Just remember that good Face and Body art is not just slapping paint on someone.
To get what you want and leave happy the artist needs to know what you want and colors you enjoy. It is a happy day when you get what you want and we want you to have the best.
When putting this into the party perspective think of it as math.
It is basically math, It takes about 3-5 mins per child to paint them and another minute or two each to do the balloons, so around 4-6 mins total per child to form the time needed to do the party.

15 kids at  4 mins = 60 mins ( 1 hr ) -  extra 30mins for balloons
23 kids at 4 mins = 90 mins ( 1.5 hrs)  - extra 45mins for balloons
30 kids at 4 mins = 120 mins  ( 2 hrs )  - extra 60 mins for balloons

 These times are figured by the following factors & are an approximation only,

Some Children get to the artists chair and know exactly what and how their design is and boom your on track - then another gets in and has no clue what they want and then the artist is forced to try suggesting the design and agreement is made with a minor delay- then the totally clueless gets to the chair and nothing can be decided for the design.... Big Delay!!! Then there is some resolve but the damage is done.
The artist is sometimes booked for multiple shows in the day and due to travel and setup times he or she can't always fill the bill with the constraints of time so if they can't do all the children it could have been due to one or more of the previous factors. It is always important to have realistic expectations when booking your face painter.

Remember If your face painter is also doing balloon modelling more time will have to be added  at least an extra minute or two per child.