• Invite the Children 15 - 20 minutes before your entertainment is due to start. This allows time for everyone to have arrived and ensures no one misses out.

  • It is a good idea to save presents till later in a separate room. This gives the birthday child an opportunity to focus on their guests and all the fun. It is nice to have something else special to do after the party, like being able to focus your full attention on opening presents.

  • For pre-schoolers or younger children up to the age of about 4, 2 hours is probably long enough . With this age range, the chances are that you will have all the mothers at the party as well, and this can work very much to your advantage as they can take on a lot of the work themselves if you play your cards right.
    For 5-7 year olds, about 2 1/2 hour party  is going to be right.
    For 8-12 year olds, 2-3 hours should be enough.

  • Show your guests where you are, secure colorful balloons outside the venue to aid lost parents and the entertainer. Balloons REALLY help entertainers find your location much easier.

  • Make sure all the parents know when to the birthday party will end, so that they arrive on time to collect their children, and you are not left looking after little Johnny into the early evening

  • Your Entertainer will work with whatever space is available, however the clearer the space the better, Whichever type of room you use, try to move out any toys, if it is possible push back any furniture and remove any breakables (lamps, pictures etc). If face painting is part of the entertainment a little place kept aside from the main food area is helpful . Typically, your entertainer will be appreciative of any assistance you can give with child "taming" should it be required.

  • If you are having refreshments after the entertainment. It is a good idea to set the table with goodies in a different room.

  • Make sure you have a camera at hand with lots of film to capture all those special moments.

  • Sit back, relax and enjoy your party.